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The Five Failures of President Donald Trump

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1 The Five Failures of President Donald Trump on Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:01 pm


Donald Trump is known as a deal maker; a grand wizard of the real-estate world but Mr. Trump is now the President of the United States and in this highly charged role, plans, ideologies and Presidential promises on the best of circumstances fail often...a fact, Mr. Trump is hopefully understanding as his Administration suffers through one of the most unsuccessful first hundred days in modern times. Let's look at a few of President Trump's failures.

Trump's Inauguration

One could say his Inauguration was a success because he did win the Presidency but his dark message for the future combined with his false post inaugural claim that his crowd was the largest in history makes his Presidential induction a weird event if not the worst in modern times.

His Cabinet and White House Appointments

Some turned him down, some have withdrawn their name from consideration, some appointments have not been filled and Mike Flynn was forced out for possible corruption and ties to Russia.

Travel Ban Orders

One of Trump’s main campaign initiatives was to fix America’s immigration problem which he highlighted as being a threat to National Security. To fix the problem, President Trump signed an executive order banning refugees from seven nations which he had a right to do but the language of the order contained a religious exception which violates the US Constitution. Because of this, the court system halted the order. Trump did not give up and the order was re-written but again the order has been halted for the same reason.

Repeal and Replace The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

During the 2016 Presidential campaign Mr. Trump and other Republicans ran on repealing and replacing former President Obama’s greatest achievement known as the Affordable Care Act; in fact Mr. Trump said he would repeal and replace it on day one. Of course this was false political jargon to incite his base but sixty days from his inauguration, Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House) and others attempted to repeal and replace the ACA with their own reform entitled the American Healthcare Act. I love the title but the book is laden with benefit reductions and reforms that will hurt most of Trump’s own base while helping the most influential.

Leading From a Position of Arrogance, Blame and Intimidation

As I said above, Mr. Trump is known as a deal maker but he is also known as a person who verbally intimidates or attacks people who disagree with him while occasionally blaming the innocent for his failures. For example, not long after the American Healthcare Act was pulled from the floor, Mr. Trump blamed the Democrats for his failure to personally work with all congressional members to design a healthcare plan that would benefit all Americans.

Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.....All had their early growing pains; all stumbled; all made mistakes; all occasionally failed; all appeared at times to be full of themselves but Donald Trump seems to swim in the swamp of arrogance..he seems to believe failure is not part of his humanity.

I hope and pray that Trump's early failures humble him but if not, it is going to be a very long chaotic four years laden with multiple failures,denials and political cover ups!

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