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Please Mr. Trump, Stop Posting Your Own Fake News!

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Donald Trump Tweeted the Following Words During the Comey and Mike Rogers Hearing Today

"FBI Director Comey admits Obama’s White House had ability to “unmask” American citizens"

I agree, the President of the United States has many resources to protect Americans from Foreign and Domestic Crimes and Terrorism.

The President also has human resources, he can call to unmask or determine if a former President or Law Enforcement agency is wiretapping his phone...instead Mr. Trump posted on Twitter without verification that President Obama illegally wiretapped his phone...this is why Donald Trump is not politically fit to be the leader of the free world...he says things untrue in order to generate a personal, financial or political outcome..he Tweets to deflect, divide and to change the news cycle..especially if the news is bad and about him!

Please, Mr. Trump, if are going to Tweet, post true information, not Conjecture, not falsehoods, not conspiracy theories....Not Your Own False News! This is immature and dangerous for everyone including our military personnel abroad!

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