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The Trump Doctrine of Deception

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1 The Trump Doctrine of Deception on Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:29 pm


During the Republican Primary and the General Election and long before Mr. Trump entered the political arena, his ideology dealing with specific nations like Syria seemed to be grounded in isolationism. In other words, Let Syria and other war torn nations deal with their on problems and let America concentrate on solving American problems.

But now as President, he has launched missiles at Syria thus taking the position all Presidents take, defend the innocent, promote democracy and channel the long held principal that America is a shining city of freedom to the world......Peace Through Strength Reborn? To many, this answer is yes because as soon as the Tomahawks blazed across the sky, the war hawks of both parties ran to Trump’s side with great praise, Senator Lindsey Graham went as far as comparing Mr. Trump to Ronald Reagan and Sean Hannity spouted aloud, we no longer have weakness in the White House, we have strength! Meanwhile, others including many in the media praised Mr. Trump for having the courage to stand up for Syrian children being hurt and murdered by Assad.

Have things changed? Has Trump become a new man? Did Donald Trump suddenly realize he was commander and chief? Was he touched by the images of children beings viciously attacked?

Here is My Opinion

To coin an old country phrase, Bull Hockey, I don’t believe Mr. Trump suddenly acquired a moral code, channeled Ronald Reagan or was moved by the thirteenth use of Chemical Weapons by Assad.

I believe, he saw an opportunity to change the political game, a game he has been losing. So he orders his military experts to design several options to respond to Assad’s recent use of Chemical Weapons.

Mr. Trump embraces the least effective but most politically useful option…Bomb the Syrian Aircraft and Infrastructures where the Chemical Weapons were launched. Hey, that’s a good idea but what was the outcome of this military action? if you listen to Fox News, Trump supporters or the man himself, the attack on Homs was one of the greatest actions ever taken by a President but what is the real story?

As of now, (Things Could Change) Twenty aircraft out of thousands were destroyed, Russian radars were crippled, multiple buildings and warehouses were demolished but the airway is still functional because planes are being flown from there and no chemical weapons were destroyed...most of all Assad is still in power and still able to use conventional and chemical weapons on the people of Syria! Bottiom Line....Mission was a Failure!

What's Next For Trump?

Your guess is as good as mine but I do not believe he will engage in a full on assault of Assad's regime but there could be more missile launches, more political rhetoric from Trump and his supporters plus more posturing from Russia leading to a peace summit where Russia brokers a peace treaty with Syria in exchange for sanctions being lifted by America!


I hate thinking, that our President would use an ugly situation simply to payback Russia or to garner a political victory but the Trump Doctrine has always been about deception! From the Republican Primary throughout the entire general election, Mr. Trump lied and deflected the facts to become the forty-fifth President of the United States!
I pray, I hope I am wrong but everything I am says I am not and if so, we are in for a very treacherous four years!

May GOD Keep You Safe, Keep the Lights of Liberty Burning!  

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