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The Trump Behind the Tweet

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1 The Trump Behind the Tweet on Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:04 pm


Why Does Donald Trump insanely Tweet?

I'm sure you have many answers to this question. Here is my answer.

Mr. Trump is obsessed with power and money and when he feels his obsession is being threatened, he runs to Social Media to change the news cycle. For example, Mr. Trump is currently afraid that Jeff Sessions might be forced to resign as Attorney General which means future skirting of the law to help Trump incorporated will at least be hindered until a new Pro-Trump person can be appointed and confirmed.

What did Trump do to sway this story...he claimed that Obama illegally tapped his phones at Trump Towers and that's all the media and others have been talking about for two days...Meanwhile Trump flew to Florida again.....was there a Foreign ambassador at Mar-a-lago spending money? is the Media talking about Trump's violation of the emoluments clause? No!

These ongoing Twitter binges and periodic unhinged speeches will not stop because many of Trump's appointments were appointed for one purpose...To make money for Trump and his Comrades.

Tillerson- Oil Deals with Russia and Other Nations
Ben Carson-To redirect budget dollars to Trump Housing Projects
Betsy Devos-More Charter Schools...More Tax Deductions for Trump and others

Sooner or later, the Media and others will start chopping away at every Trump appointment and President Trump will once again shock the world by saying or Tweeting something outrageous.

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