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Review and Grades of the Washington Redskins Off Season Moves

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The Washington Redskins off season has been turbulent but as a long-time burgundy and gold fan, I have come to expect confusion and chaos from the Dan Synder era. However this year's off season has been surprising because I was under the impression that the Redskins organization had turned the corner and were heading in the right direction; they still may be but has I said it has as been a turbulent four months that has fans scratching their heads.

Here are my Thoughts on the Redskins Personnel Decisions

1. The Firing of Scot McCloughan...When Mr. McCloughan failed to show up at the NFL Combine, I knew something was about to happen. His firing was not surprising; however, the reason for his firing is still murky. Some say it was a clash of football ideologies and others have suggested that Mr. McCloughan problems with alcohol once again undermined his career. Whatever the reason, I wish Mr. McCloughan the best and hope he finds another job soon. As for the Redskins, they need to find a new General Manager who understands the field and financial side of Professional Football...I am not holding my breath here because the arrogance of Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen may prevent them from doing the right thing.

2. The Loss of Garcon and Desean Jackson...I knew Jackson was going to leave because he wanted to much money but I was surprised by the Garcon move because he produced down the stretch and is an all around receiver (catches and blocks). Jackson is now in Tampa bay where he will catch between 60-80 receptions but Garcon is in San Francisco; I am not sure he will be successful there..maybe 45-50 Catches but the 49ers need a new quarterback not named Kirk Cousins. Grade: C-.

3. The Loss of Chris Baker...I love Baker as a Human-being and a team player but he is not a pro bowl Defensive Tackle the Redskins desperately need...Who knows Big Swaggy might rejuvenate his career in Tampa Bay. Grade: B..Because this loss will not hurt the team on the field.

4. The Signing of Terrell Pryor...I was pleasantly surprised by the signing. My concern here is with the one year contract for $8 million. I wish it was for 3-4 years; hopefully Pryor has a great season and the Redskins sign him long term because they need big receivers..especially one who runs a 4.3 40 yard dash at 6'-4" 230lbs. Grade: B+.....Because of the one year contract!

5. The Signing of D.J. Swearinger....Swearinger is 25 and has a big upside but being in the league four years and with three different teams concerns me; I hope he settles in an plays well for a long time with the Redskins...Note: The Redskins might draft Jabrill Peppers which means Swearinger could be a reserve player. Grade: No Grade...let's see how the season goes!

6. The Signing of Terrell McClain...Another Dallas Cowboy defensive lineman leaves Big D for DC...Not sure about this signing; I do not hate it or like it; McClain 6'-2" 300lbs so he has the size the Redskins need but is he a impact player who keeps offensive line coaches up at night? No but he could become the nightmare the Redskins least I hope so. Note: The Redskins could still add another DT in Free Agency or the Draft...if they Draft a DT with the 17th pick, then McClain will be a reserve...and no, he should not be playing Defensive End!

7. Franchising Kirk Cousins....This is the bonehead move of the off season. Kirk has proven his worth to the Franchise and should be rewarded with a long-term contract but as usual management fails to do the correct thing here. I do have hope however that they will sign Cousins for several years but if they are not planning to or Cousins wants to leave, Mr. Snyder and Bruce Allen need to trade him for another first round pick...and draft one of the top QBs. Grade: D

In conclusion, as a Redskins fan I am flabbergasted, dismayed and hopeful for the Redskins future..Hail To The Redskins!

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