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Atheism Will Fail But Christianity Shall Persevere

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The First Amendment of the United States Constitution contains a Religious contract between the United States Government and all Religious creeds. This contract basically says the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, Governors, Mayors, etc. can not forbid any American citizen from peacefully practicing his or her religion.

This right is a “guaranteed right.” In other words, it is a concrete privilege; a license to worship and praise whatever deity you believe in without legislative intrusion by the three branches of Government. Here is the exact text.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

Our founders installed the above amendment as I said to prevent governmental intrusion but the amendment further installed the following right. As an individual, I have the right to not only practice my religion but I also have the right to peacefully oppose other religions. For example, as a Born Again Christian, I oppose all other creeds including Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Islam and Atheism…atheism? Yes, agnosticism is a religion; it is false but protected from government intrusion but not protected from civilian opposition and neither is my faith in Christ.

Opposition to Christianity is not new; it has been around since the dawn of modern civilization and even before that but
in recent months, there has been an increase attack on Christianity; not a simple verbal or engraved attack but a push to force Government to forbid Christians from having a voice

Why are atheists doing this?

Confessed Atheists are increasing their assault on Christianity because the deceiver, which is the devil, knows the truth. What is the Truth? The truth is simple, all world religions saving for Christianity are false; this includes all the above religions; especially Islam (The Great Enemy of Israel and Christianity) which the far left including atheists seem to promote or at least tolerate above all other religions.

Why would an atheist promote Islam? Because, he or she knows Islam is false and Christianity is real. Ah, then these pushers of falsehood are not really atheists, they are true ambassadors of falsehood; not deceived or blinded by modern science or secularism but full believers (without fellowship) of Jesus Christ…just like the devil who knows God and Christ are real but because of hate, greed, lasciviousness and jealously does not want anyone to become a Born Again Christian.

In conclusion, we are living in dangerous times, our Christian rights are being constantly attacked but Christianity will prevail. Agnosticism and other religions may seem to be all powerful but they are not...Christians will be persecuted beyond measure; Christ will be defamed and mocked but in the end Christ and his body of believers will persevere!  

One Final Statement

Are there real Atheists in the World? Yes and No. The Christian Bible Teaches that GOD will reveal himself to everyone, so people who claim to be Atheists either know there is a GOD and are rebelling or GOD has not yet spoken to them but he will![/size]

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