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The Age of Redirect Governing Has Begun

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1 The Age of Redirect Governing Has Begun on Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:46 pm


There has always been propaganda,direct lying, partial truth telling and deflecting of issues in Government but Trump and his most loyal political partners have taken these things to a whole new level on insanity. For example, Chairman Nunes, a starch supporter of Donald Trump and current head of a bi-partisan committee investigating the possibility of a Trump-Russian connection publicly disclosed ( without conferring with the Democrats on the Committee) information (that could be false or classified) to change the news cycle and protect President Trump. This action by Nunes is at least a direct violation of protocol and a possible violation of federal law...if the info is actually classified.

If this was an isolated situation, a one time event, I could say Mr. Nunes is a lone wolf protecting the President's credibility but this is a periodic characteristic with Trump and his people. From Mike Pence to Sean Hannity, they all spout propaganda and redirect story lines to defend their new toy...I don't see this stopping because many hardline Conservatives see a goldmine in Trump...a empty vessel willing to sellout America for a gigantic piece of American Pie! The age of Redirect Governing for Power and Financial Gain Has Begun!

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