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Reshaping the United States Supreme Court

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1 Reshaping the United States Supreme Court on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:51 pm


The US Supreme Court is the highest judicial court in the United States and the third member of the three branch system. It is composed of nine justices who are appointed by the US President for life. The Purpose of this body is to review laws legislated and passed by federal and state bodies to determine if those laws are Constitutional.

There are many; perhaps a majority of people who believe the Court is correctly aligned and infallible, I do not agree; in fact, I believe the Court needs to be reshaped because in recent years, the body has become an arm of political propaganda and partisanship. To maintain or reconfirm American commitment to Justice and Tranquility, the Supreme Court must be reshaped. Here are a few of my ideas.

Reshaping the United States Supreme Court

1. Court Membership should be expanded to ten justices composed of five Republicans and Five Democrats thus removing political partisanship from the court itself. To further hinder partisanship, all Court validation or invalidation of an issue or law must be ruled by a vote of 7-3..otherwise the case before the court is sent back to the lower courts or if time and importance allow, the case may be tabled for a later ruling as the Court reexamines the facts and arguments.

2. The Power to appoint a Justice who is aligned with a President’s political views should be removed by a constitutional amendment. The amendment should read as follows

         “The President of the United States Shall Appoint a Necessary Supreme Court Justice as to maintain Judicial Balance and Unanimity.” Furthermore the appointment shall receive from Congress, a Proper Review and Confirmation Hearing within a proper time frame that shall not exceed 120 Days from Presidential Appointment.”

3. Supreme Court Justices are eternal; they are appointed for life. This gives to much power to the court and should be abolished by adding to the Constitution the following term-limit amendment.

          “If an Appointed Supreme Court Justice is Confirmed, he or she shall reside over such body no more than twelve years barring a crime, illness, personal motivations or retirement.”

4. For transparency and further bi-partisanship,all cases before the Supreme Court dealing with Laws paralleling the Bill of Rights (First Ten Amendments of the US Constitution) shall be convened in a public forum. This will allow each American citizen to hear first hand all arguments and statements concerning the issue before the Court.

I am sure there are many ideas greater than mine, I might think of a few more myself but for now, these are my four changes needed to fix our Supreme Court.

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